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Mental Health

At Caltech the Counseling Center, Health Center and Health Education works together to keep students healthy and well. There are many components to wellness that include emotional well-being and mental health.

Emotional well-being includes managing stress effectively, preventing burnout, overcoming procrastination and finding a work life balance. Mental health issues can include struggles with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, and in extreme cases, suicide.

The Counseling Center has resources and trained psychologists to address how students can promote emotional well-being and mental health including the treatment of anxiety and depression, how to overcome procrastination and the management of transitions.

Students may contact the Student Counseling Center to speak with a professional staff member confidentially.

If it is after business hours and is an emergency, please call Caltech Security at 626-395-5000 and ask for the counselor on-call to be paged.